Wednesday, August 31, 2011

After Hurricane Irene

As you might expect, the beach is an action packed place during a hurricane.  If you are a regular reader of Just One Donna you know that I love the beach.  It is where I go to relax and de-stress no matter what season.  Late August and early September usually bring some of the loveliest days to enjoy the beach.  Typically Labor Day marks the last hurrah for beach goers and families turn their attention to school and fall sports.  It appears Hurricane Irene may have cut the beach season short.

The Beach is Closed
At 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 28, the day of the hurricane sightseers began their trek to the shore. 

The wind was still blowing and the ocean was churning.

The Ocean After Hurricane Irene

Access to most of the shoreline was restricted either by barriers...
Barriers Block Access

…or flooding.

Some Roads were Flooded

On Monday morning, August 29, I was able to walk through the beach area.  The heavy equipment was out and working to clear the roads of beach sand that had been washed in by the storm surge.

Heavy Equipment has been Brought In

Everywhere I looked there was sand…where is shouldn’t be.

Sand is Everywhere

The ocean was beginning to calm down.  It was high tide when this picture was taken.

The Ocean is Calming Down

Overall, structural damage appeared minimal with sand and water as the major impacts.

Evidence of Sand and Water Damage

It will take some work to get our shoreline back to normal, but thankfully Hurricane Irene didn’t create as much damage as we expected.   With all the repair activity already underway we’ll be good as new very soon.

By the shore,

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