Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Visit to Lake Winnipesaukee

Last week Hubby and I concluded our vacation with a couple of days of camping in Meredith, New Hampshire, a town on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee

Having just come from East Grand Lake in Maine it was interesting to compare and contrast the two lakes.  East Grand Lake is 22 miles long, 4 miles wide and has a maximum depth of 128 feet.  By contrast Lake Winnipesaukee, the third largest lake in New England, is 21 miles long, 9 miles wide with a maximum depth of 212 feet.  East Grand Lake is six hours from Boston while Lake Winnipesaukee is approximately 2 hours from Boston.

While both Lakes are beautiful, the differences are significant.  The views around East Grand Lake offer big sky, thick forests and some rolling hills...

Lake Winnipesaukee offers views of big sky, beautiful homes and the ski slopes of Gunstock Mountain.

On Grand Lake you'll catch sight of rustic cabins...

While on Lake Winnipesaukee you'll see McMansions galore.

 For lunch on Grand Lake you can pull up to your own little island...

On Lake Winnipesaukee there are a number of different towns where you can dock your boat to shop and eat.

Each lake provides a different getaway experience.  Are you looking for a getaway in an area that offers lots of hustle and bustle and the comforts of home, including email and cell phone access?  Then Lake Winnipesaukee is a great place to check out.  Are you looking for a getaway from the hustle and bustle and the comforts of home, including your email and cell phone?  Then Grand Lake in Maine is a great place to go.  Both offer you a terrific lake experience, only different.

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  1. Isn't this the lake from the movie "What About Bob?" Cool! Love that movie! Beautiful place.

  2. Yes, indeed, Allie. What About Bob did take place on Lake Winnipesaukee.


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