Sunday, July 24, 2011

Summer Sunday

When the dog days of summer arrive in full force, like they did this week with temperatures locally in the 90s, and humidity levels that make you feel like you are drowning we really appreciate being able to dip our toes into some cool water.

That cool water may be the Atlantic Ocean, like it is for me.  Somertimes just sitting on a rock and listening to the waves roll in is enough to ease the heat, if only for a few minutes.

Did you hear the fog horn?  Can you imagine the cool breeze on your face?

Sometimes a fast boat ride across the lake with the boat's wake streaming behind you will do the trick.

Yes, that's a picture from Lake Winnipesaukee.  I was actually bundled up in a fleece as we zoomed across the lake.  There's nothing like being on the water to cool you down.

Unless you are actually in the water like I was here.  This is Grand Lake Stream in Maine.  It's a stream that connects two lakes.

Sitting in this stream with the water rushing is better than the best fancy pants spa treatment.  Very cooling on a hot day and so relaxing.

What are you doing to keep cool this hot summer Sunday?


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