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A Summer Daycation in Newport, Rhode Island

Do you take daycations?  The word daycation is sometimes used in the same context as staycation.  These terms have become popular in the past few years as folks have sought ways to reduce the hotel and transportation costs of a vacation by staying at home.   For me, a daycation is the opportunity to experience more of the region where I live through the eyes of a tourist.  After all, I live in a vacation destination.  Summer is our peak tourist season.  There is no better time for a daycation.

Last Friday was a beautiful,warm and sunny day.  It was a perfect day for a Rhode Island daycation.  Hubby and I started the day with breakfast at the beach.  I've told you about my favorite breakfast spot before, so no need to go into details again.  We had a lovely, relaxing breakfast listening to the waves roll in.
Breakfast on Misquamicut Beach

Then off to Newport we went.  Along the way, we passed miles of backed up traffic as other folks apparently had the idea to take a daycation at the beach.  Luckily we were traveling in the opposite direction and had no travel delays at all.  Our entry to beautiful Newport, Rhode Island,  was first marked by crossing the Newport bridge.  For newbies to the area, the Claiborne Pell Newport Bridge is a toll bridge costing $4.00 each way, except for E-ZPass users who are registered as Rhode Island residents.  Be sure to check out the view as you cross the bridge.  It is lovely and the picture below does not do it justice.

Driving Across the Newport Bridge

 Our first stop in Newport was the Cliff Walk.

Walk Along the Cliff Walk

On a beautiful, sunny day the Cliff Walk is a must for your visit.  Located along the eastern shore of Newport, the Cliff Walk combines views of the ocean with views of the famous Newport mansions.

View from the Cliff Walk

Designated in 1975 as a National Recreation Trail,  you'll encounter 3.5 miles of trail, of which two thirds is easy to walk.  The remaining one-third is often rugged. If you plan to walk the whole trail you'll want to be sure to wear comfortable seasonal clothing, and appropriate footwear like this...

Wear Comfortable Shoes

Please don't walk the Cliff Walk wearing...

Not the Best Footwear Option

You'll also want to plan to pay for parking between the months of May and October.  Public parking is available along the street.  These spots use parking meters so be sure to bring many, many quarters.  There is also parking for $10.00 in the Easton Beach parking lot.

The View from Easton Beach

After walking the Cliff Walk we drove along Newport's Ocean Drive to Breton Point State Park.  Breton Point is located about mid-way along Ocean Drive and will give you an opportunity to relax and enjoy breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean.  This is a state park with free admission.

The View from Breton Park
The next stop after Breton Park was Fort Adams State Park.  Fort Adams is also a state park with free admission providing panoramic views of Newport Harbor.

The View from Fort Adams Park

It was there that we hopped a shuttle boat that provided an all-day pass to seven locations on the harbor for $10.00 per person.    On such a beautiful day, the boat ride around the harbor was well worth the $10.00.  We took the boat to downtown Newport to do some shopping.

Charming Shops in Downtown Newport
 ...and eating.

Many Options for Indoor and Outdoor Eating

As you walk along the streets of Newport you'll want to enjoy the historic architecture, like the Cogshall House from 1710.

Many Historic Properties

Look for the plaques that designate properties as part of the National Historic register.

Most Historic Properties are Well Marked

On the return trip to Fort Adams State Park you'll get to see so many beautiful boats...

An Example of Boats in the Harbor

Relax and be entertained by your knowledgeable shuttle captain.

Shuttle Captains are Knowledgeable and Friendly

When you return to Fort Adams State Park be sure to check out Fort Adams which was used by the United Stated Naval Academy during the Civil War.

Fort Adams

You may also want to visit the Newport Yachting Museum.

Visit the Yachting Museum

Or, just sit a bit and take in the view....

Enjoy the View

With so much to do, a daycation in Newport is highly recommended.  For those of you who do not live close enough for this to be a daycation, Rhode Island offers much to do for a full blown vacation.  Please come visit sometime soon.

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  1. Newport is one of our favorite places to spend an afternoon.


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