Saturday, July 16, 2011

Kayaking Down Little River in Maine

Last week during our visit to the great state of Maine, Hubby and I took a kayak trip down Little River.  Little River is a shallow river that meanders for 7.1 miles and connects to Big Lake in Maine.

Beginning the Trip Down Little River

We were in a tandem kayak, where I was in the front seat and Hubby was in the rear.  Some of you may know these tandem kayaks by another term, divorce kayaks, but Hubby and I never seem to have a problem when we go out in one of them.  This was an easy river for kayaking, so I mostly just sat back and enjoyed the view, like this one where the sky was clearly reflected in the calm water.

A Picture Perfect Day

Yes, I was able to relax and enjoy the scenery and the quiet.  The river was so quiet the only sound was the lapping of the paddle in the water.  It was perfect for relaxation.  That is until we came upon beaver dam after beaver dam.  Most were easy to clear.  Only one dam required us to get out of the kayak and carry it over the dam.  Here's a video of that one...

Negotiating a Beaver Dam

There were many beaver houses along the river as well and evidence of their continuous lumbering.

One of Many Beaver Houses

As we rounded one bend we came upon a momma moose and her baby.  We stared each other down.  We stopped the kayak, she decided to take baby and leave.  Whew, I was worried for a couple of seconds.  I had no idea what we would do if they decided to stake claim to the river.

Our Moose Sighting

Along the way we saw turtles and an eagle in addition to the moose.  The vegetation was lovely as well.  Everywhere we looked there was something new to look at.   It took us approximately three hours to complete our trip down the river, but the three hours went by quickly.  At the end, the river opened up into Big Lake, a popular fishing lake.

Big Lake

Kayaking in Maine is a great way to spend a day.  We never saw another person until we came to the end of the river.  Talk about peace and solitude.  We sure had an afternoon of peace and solitude on Little River.  If you'd like more information about kayaking in the Grand Lake Stream area you can find a terrific Visitors Guide at the Downeast Lakes Land Trust website.

Are you interested in some facts about moose watching?  Click this link to learn more about Maine's moose.  The Maine Deparment of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife also has some intersting facts about moose.

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  1. Fabulous scenery and wildlife!!!

  2. I love moose! they are so odd looking. I've seen 2 moose in my life. One was in southern NH (wandered into our suburban neighborhood). another was up at the NH/Canada border.


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