Monday, July 11, 2011

How Does My Garden Grow? July

One of the things I most appreciate about my home is the yard and gardens that surround it.  We are not the first owners of our house.  Thankfully the first owners had thoughtfully landscaped the yard, planting a variety of trees, bushes and perennials that would bloom and provide color throughout the year.

Since moving here twenty years ago we have continued to selectively enhance and edit the plantings with an eye to maintaining that evolution of change throughout the year.  July is a challenging month.  The heat of the summer kicks in and the plants begin to droop.

The perennials require watering and deadheading.  What was a cacaphony of color just weeks ago is now a clump of dry stalks and pods requiring me to clip and snip in the 90 degree heat.

We do our best to keep up because we love it.  We love to sit on our deck and admire our handy work. 

We love to watch the birds, butterflies and other critters who make our yard and gardens their home.

We love to anticipate the fruits of our labor.  Whether  is is the anticipation of a delightful tomato salad...

or our first summer squash...

or a fresh onion to flavor our favorite pasta dish.

It's our garden that helps to make this house our home.

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