Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's Officially Summer

Today is the day.  Summer has finally arrived here, by the shore in New England.  The calendar says so. 

Yes, friends today is the official start of summer.  The beach is now open for business.  Today, at 1:16 p.m, is the summer solstice.  This first day of summer marks the longest day of the year and summer officially arrives.

It's time to break out the beach chairs, towels, umbrellas and sun blocck.  It's time for sand castles and suntans.

Hot, sunny weather has been slow in showing itself in the Northeast this year, so it's good to know summer has officially arrived.  Perhaps the sun will start showing itself a bit more consistently.

What does summer mean to you? Does anything change in your life because it is summer?  Are the kids out of school?  Is life a little bit less hectic than in other seasons of the year?  Do you have a special vacation planned this summer?

We love summer by the shore.  Here's what summer brings to the Just One Donna neighborhood:

Saturday and Sunday breakfasts at the beach
A birthday
A wedding anniversary
Grilling and S'mores on the deck.  Yes, we love s'mores.
A trip to Maine
A visit from our Ohio sister, her husband and our two youngest nephews
A reunion with college Tri-Delta sorority sisters
Lots of relaxing on the beach and in the backyard hammock

Are you planning a busy summer?  What plans do you have this year?



  1. sounds good,enjoy!

  2. Don't forget chiminea(?sp)fires on the deck with adult beverages and apps!!!!


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