Friday, May 20, 2011

Spring in New England

How's the weather in your neck of the woods these days?  The weather in my neighborhood has been very soggy lately.

The rain started last weekend and is expected to continue through this weekend.  The dreariness doesn't do much for my optimistic spirit I must say.  There isn't much one can do though, other than roll with it.

We have been getting occasional breaks between the torrential downpours.  In between the rain drops I have gone outside as much as possible to appreciate what Mother Nature has brought this spring.

My favorite weeping cherry tree... pretty for about one week each spring.  It has already started to drop its petals and is making a mess on my deck.

A bountiful crop of spinach in my little garden has found its way to the dinner table...

...and the lettuce is ready to harvest as well.

So much rain can be very hard on a garden, but so far the rest of my little garden is starting to take off as well...

The rhododendrons are beginning to pop...

..and the lilacs are appreciating the rain as well.  They'll be in full bloom in a few days.

These colorful trees in my neighbors yard were snowing petals between the rain showers on Sunday.

The pink petal carpet was beautiful.

I guess there is a silver lining in all the rain we have had this year.  Even so, I look forward to sunny skies.  I hope we get some soon.  The beach season starts unofficially on Memorial day.  Hopefully the sun will return by then.

Wishing you bright and sunny days...


  1. Great pictures!

    Yes, it's bleak up here too. and still be cloudy/rainy on and off for the next several days. I could be a vampire from Twilight and survive around here! ;-)

  2. Thanks for showing us the beauty that comes from all this miserable weather!:)

  3. I live in the NYC area, and the rain is killing me! So glad you can find beauty in this wet mess!

  4. Beautiful pictures of your gardens and yard!!!!!!


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