Friday, May 27, 2011

Six Words from the Northeast

Ice Cream Cone with Jimmies
Sometimes I forget that folks from all over the United States, and the world even, are reading Just One Donna.

In Monday's post I talked about having an icecream cone with jimmies.  One of my readers pointed out the fact that the term "jimmies" is regional.  

She had to look it up to be sure it was the term for what she knew as "sprinkles".  Oops! 

That made me think about what other words and terms I might use that specific to the Northeast region where I live.  Here are some of the words I thought of:

Sneakers- The word we use for atheletic shoes used for running, walking, tennis.

Soda-Our generic term for sweetened carbonated beverages, called pop elsewhere.

Cellar-The basement area of our homes, often accessed from the outside of the house through a bulkhead.

The Bulkhead Entrance to the Cellar
Grinder-A sandwich made on a long, crusty bun, consisting of layers of cheese, sandwich meats, lettuce and condiments.  Other parts of the country may call them hoagies, heroes or submarine sandwiches.

Italian Grinder from
So there you have it.  Six words we use here in the Northeast that may be a bit different from what you say where you are.  Do you have regional terms you use specific to where you live?  Northeast readers, can you think of any I may have missed?


  1. you know actually I've found that most northerners actually call the soda "pop" and that scares the beejesus out of the kids down here because we think "pop" means we are gonna get hit lol

    You must have had southern parents :)

  2. They must be Northerners from the mid, or west US, because in my neck of the woods we say "soda". I don't think I ever heard the term "pop" for soda until I was in college and my friend from PA used it.

  3. Even worse than "pop" is "coke" which is kind of a regional Southern thing. I find it terribly confusing, especially when they serve "Pepsi."

  4. we say "coke" up here in NH, for any kind of soda.

    "What kind of coke do you want?"

    "Ginger ale."

    "okey dokey."

    LOL! I have heard soda, but generally around here we use "coke" for any type of soda. confusing, yes.

    My grandmother used to say "tonic", which was more of a NY/canadian thing, I think.

  5. Love that you said "okey dokey". I'm very fond of that phrase and use it all the time.

  6. It's so funny you write about regional words. It wasn't until I got to college that I realized that some words that I used in New York City were not the same in Chicago, Los Angeles, or Dallas. For example, sneakers in NYC are gym shoes in Chicago. Soda in NYC is Pop in Cleveland. What a huge world we live in!


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