Monday, May 30, 2011

Fog at the Beach

Living by the shore is not all sun and fun.  No sirree, especially this past month.  May has been a month of fog, fog, fog.  In case you are unfamiliar with fog, that means it has been damp, damp, damp.  It seems that when it hasn't been raining it has been foggy. 

In spite of the general unpleasantness of fog, if the temperature is warm enough I'm still inclined to hit the beach for a walk.  A little dampness never hurt anyone, I always say, and the extra moisture is like a spa treatment.  ; )

So, what is it like on the beach in the fog?  Compare the picture below to the picture in the Just One Donna header at the top of this page.

Dreary, huh?  So why do I go to the beach on days like this?  Well, there is something about the sound of the ocean that soothes my soul.  Take a listen...

The fog actually seems to intensify the sound of the ocean waves.  Walking the beach, listening to the waves is a calming experience.  I highly recommend it.

There's always something new to see at the beach.  This morning I was in time to catch some sea gulls sharing a fish feast.

Observing nature is one of the perks of walking on the beach. 

Sometimes the sights on the beach can be a little less pleasant.  And on this day the beach was a mess.  It was covered with debris.  Overnight the surf had kicked up all kinds of junk from seaweed and driftwood... just plain, old trash covering the entire beach from one end to the other.

How a Breyer's ice cream tub ended up on the beach I just don't know, but there was plenty more.

And one of the homes along the beach seemed to be having some kind of a water problem because they were releasing a gusher onto the beach.

It could have been harmless, but it sure didn't look like it.

It seems unlikely that this would be an approved activity by the Department of Environmental Management.  Since they are taking great steps to preserve the piping plovers on this very beach, you'd think there would be concern about the impact of waste water discharge on the water animals.  Hmmm...

So friends, there you have it.  A walk on the beach in the fog is a lot like life.

There's the good...

There's the bad...

And the just, plain, ugly.

Here's hoping the fog lifts soon.

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Living life by the shore...


  1. While I think this is very pretty and peaceful, I can't help but think of the horror movie, "The Fog." I watched it as a child and it scared the fool out of me!

  2. You should report that hose running down the beach. Those folks can afford to have someone take care of that mess the proper way and not soil the beautiful beach.


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