Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flat Stanley Visits Rhode Island

Have you heard of Flat Stanley?  Flat Stanley came to visit Rhode Island last week.  He came in a letter from my nephew who is a first grader in Ohio.  I had never heard of Flat Stanley.  According to the note sent by my nephew's teacher, Flat Stanley is a character from a book, Flat Stanley, written by Jeff Brown.

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The book tells the story of Stanley Lambchop, a boy who was accidentally flattened by a bulletin board that fell on him when he was sleeping.  Stanley wasn't hurt, and he loved being only 1/2 inch thick because he could do things no one else could do.  One of Stanley's many adventures was being mailed to California to visit a friend.

The letter asked that I take care of Flat Stanley for a week and write back with information about his adventures while he was with me.  What a fun activity for the first graders in my nephew's class.  This seems like a terrific way to engage children in learning about geography and life all over the United States.

Here's what I wrote to my nephew and his first grade classmates:
Flat Stanley came to visit Rhode Island.  This wasn’t the best time of year for Stanley to visit our beach community. 

The weather has been very rainy and foggy, but I know it has also been rainy in Cleveland, Ohio.  We tried to show Stanley a good time.  Here’s what we did.
First Stanley helped Aunt Donna with her garden.  She recently planted some lettuce, spinach, onions and peas.  As you can see from the picture the seeds have sprouted.   It won’t be long before Aunt Donna can harvest some of the vegetables.  Here is Flat Stanley standing amongst the spinach.

Next we went to visit 1st Grade Nephew's Nana and Pop Pop.  They were very happy to welcome Flat Stanley. 

You can see that from the smiles on their faces.   It was great Flat Stanley got to visit now because Nana and Pop Pop will soon be going to Maine for the summer. 
Next Flat Stanley wanted to see the ocean.   Rhode Island is on the Atlantic Ocean.
We went for a walk and ended up at the famous Watch Hill, Rhode Island Lighthouse.    It was very foggy so Stanley didn’t get to see how lovely and beautiful the ocean can be.  This is what he saw. 
This is the Lighthouse.  Boy, oh boy, the boats really need the lighthouse in this fog!

Stanley looked out at the ocean and saw more fog and lots of waves.  There were students from the Coast Guard Academy surfing in the high waves.  The Coast Guard Academy is located in New London, Connecticut.

Next, Flat Stanley and Aunt Donna went to the train station and saw the Amtrak train that was heading to Boston, Massachusetts.
After all that, Flat Stanley and Aunt Donna decided to go home and make some Oreo Truffles.   But first we needed to stop at the grocery store to buy the ingredients.
Then we mixed the ingredients.
After a short cooling period in the refrigerator the Oreo Balls were ready to eat.  They were yummy!
For Flat Stanley’s last day in Rhode Island we went to the beach for breakfast.  We went to a favorite little place, called Sam’s Beach, where they can eat breakfast right on the beach.  This was the first day it was open this season.  We had bacon, eggs, an English muffin and home fries for breakfast.

The people that work at Sam’s Beach were very nice.  They even let Flat Stanley help in taking orders from the customers.  Here is a picture of Flat Stanley working at the cash register.

Then Aunt Donna took Flat Stanley onto the beach.  This is the beach where 1st Grade Nephew swims when he visits Rhode Island in the summer.
Aunt Donna wanted Flat Stanley to see where the Piping Plovers are nesting.  Piping Plovers are an endangered species of bird that nests in the dunes along the beach in Rhode Island.  Here is a picture of a Piping Plover.  See how it blends in with the sand and stones?

The dunes have been marked off with rope to show where the nests are located.  We aren’t allowed to walk in that area of the beach.

We also got to see a couple of ospreys in their nest.  Ospreys are a large bird of prey that nests near the ocean.  That is because they like to eat fish.  Ospreys are endangered birds as well.  There are fewer than 100 birds nesting in Rhode Island.

Aunt Donna told Flat Stanley how important it is to help preserve the wild life that lives at the beach.
Now it is time for Flat Stanley to return to Ohio.  We had a nice visit.  Thanks for sharing Flat Stanley with your Rhode Island family.
Aunt Donna

Have any of you had a visit from Flat Stanley?  Doesn't it sound like a fun activity for school aged children? 



  1. I love it!!!!! D will be so thrilled with his Flat Stanley adventures. Thanks Aunt Donna!!

  2. Excellent adventures in RI for Flat Stanley!!!!! You are a great aunt and isn't so much fun to be a great aunt....I would never give it up for anything!!

  3. Oh Donna, I love this post! I am a big fan of Flat Stanley and most years, my classroom goes ona field trip to watch a Flat Stanley play. I know your nephew will love this!

  4. What an adventure Flat Stanley had! It's so nice to meet him! :D I enjoyed the post, and I'm sure your nephew would be very happy.

  5. An update, the nephew received his copy of flat Stanley's adventures in the mail yesterday. He was thrilled with the results. What a great Aunt he has!!!


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