Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Visit to Cleveland Ohio

I just got back from Cleveland, Ohio.  I went to visit my sister who had a milestone birthday.  My visit was a surprise for her.  We don't get to see each other nearly enough!

I arrived on Thursday and returned home yesterday.  While there the local news said this month was the tenth most rainy in history.  The rain continued through most of the weekend with only one day of sun.  Easter was rainy and with a yard full of mud, we had to cancel the Easter egg hunt.

The rainy weather just kept on coming.  Here is the weather radar map from 10:00 Sunday night.

We had one break in the weather.  That was Saturday.  Saturday afternoon was sunny, warm and breezy.  We took the opportunity to get out and experience nature through a visit to the Cleveland Botanical Garden. There was a lovely tropical garden filled with interesting plants, animals and butterflies.  Lots and lots of butterflies.

This was the weekend for the daffodil flower show. 

It was interesting to see many, many tables of daffodils that had been entered in the flower show.  I had no idea there were so many different kinds of daffodils!  Each was displayed in its own vase.

The outdoor gardens were just starting to awaken from the long winter.   We meandered through the gardens enjoying the day.

There are several lovely gates throughout the garden.  I love gates and these were well crafted works of art.

In spite of the wet weather I had a lovely visit and can't wait to visit again.  I don't blame Cleveland for the bad weather.  Really, we just had to laugh about it.  After all, as a local Cleveland broadcaster asked, "If April showers bring May flowers, what do Mayflowers bring?"   Answer-Pilgrims!

Laughing back by the shore,


  1. Plus how can you be unhappy with daffodils? They are just the happiest of flowers. That place looks so pretty, and how nice of you to surprise your sister!

  2. I know how you feel with all the rain. We are still getting snow. Today was the first day in awhile that the sun peeked out.

    visiting from #commenthour

  3. we had similar weather. Totally over it. From Commenthour :)

  4. Hello, looks like a lovely garden. Visiting from #commenthour

  5. What a gorgeous garden! I love that gate too! Stopping by from the SITS comment hour.

  6. Hi Donna. So good to see you at #commenthour again!

  7. Love the butterfly photos! It is raining like crazy here tonight. We are trying to stay dry.


  8. Cute joke! The daffodil show looks like it was fun.

  9. Thanks to all my new friends from #Comment Hour!

  10. Loooooove your photos :) I recently shared photos from our visit to the Butterfly Garden we went to. My youngest was absolutely transfixed!!

    Also, I noticed your herb blog and loved it, I want to grow herbs so bad, but we live in a tiny apartment - ugh!!

  11. oops, ps: stopping by via #commenthour

  12. Those pictures are beautiful!

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  13. What a great and interesting place to visit. hiding the eggs throughout the house is an alternative for wet weather

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  14. Looks like a great time!
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  15. love the daffodils! They are my mom's favorite flower. We would alway pick the ones she planted in our yard for her.

    stopping by from the #commenthour-way late!


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