Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What Do the Things You Carry Say about You?

Do the things you carry around with you every day help to define who you are?  I saw this story about the Persona Project the other day and it got me thinking. Wow, I thought.  What a great way to get to know a little bit about someone.  What do the things I carry in my handbag say about me?  Let's see...

I've carried this Coach wallet for at least ten years, maybe longer.  It's not really a wallet.  It's a wristlet, and that's one of the reasons I love it.  With a main zipper compartment and an outside pocket, it has room for my bills and coins as well as plenty of room for credit cards and all those preferred shopper store cards.  It's getting shabby looking and I've been trying to replace it, but I can't find another leather, wristlet style, wallet that is just the right size.  I want my bills to fit in without folding.
What does this say about me?  It says when I find something I like I stick with it.

"What are you doing with a plastic spoon in your handbag? you ask.  Well, I often eat on the go.  This spoon was in my handbag for some Yoplait Light Yogurt I ate for lunch.  It was strawberry shortcake, 110 calories.  Yum!

What does this say about me?  I plan what I eat so I can keep to my healthy living goals most of the time.

This Seafood Watch pamphlet represents my desire to stay environmentally conscious.  I carry this pamphlet with me all year long and use the guide to purchase fresh fish in the grocery store and to order fish in a restaurant.  I realized when I took this picture that my guide was over a year old.  I have now downloaded the January 2011 Northeast guide.  You can download the guide for your area by clicking the link.

What does this say about me?  I care about our environment, but I'm not a fanatic about it.

My cell phone is almost two years old.  As you can see it is not a smartphone.  I only started texting with a phone after I bought this phone two years ago.  I'm not an early adopter of phone technology.  I don't like to talk on the phone, but I like to have it on hand in case I need it; in case there is an unfortunate incident.  It is time for a cell phone upgrade and I am considering moving on up to a smartphone.

What does this say about me?  I'm a utilitarian user of technology.

I carry business cards for my Just One Donna! blog.  When I meet new people I like to be able to give them a reminder of me and my blog.  By the way, if you haven't signed on to be a Follower, please do.
Do you follow me on Twitter?  I'm @justonedonna.

Have you "Liked" my Facebook Fan page?

This is my collection of lip products.  You'll see I am carrying a variety of lip balms, glosses and lip colors.  I was actually surprised by how many lip products I am carrying when I started pulling them out of my handbag to take this picture.   I hate the feel of dry lips.  Sometimes I'll use a simple balm to moisturize them, but sometimes I like a little color to snazz up my look.

What does this say about me?  I hate chapped lips!

Welcome to all my new blog hop friends.  Have you thought about what the things you carry with you every day say about you?  Do you carry anything you'd consider unique?  I'd love to hear what your things say about you.

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  1. I was just saying to my friend that if I were ever hit by a bus, there'd be no doubt I was somebody's mother. Every purse I have (I carry a lot of difft ones depending on my mood) has at least one diaper and at least one errant baby sock or baby treat.

    Since I tend to carry big purses, I always have chapstick, hand sanitizer, lotion, and a granola bar of some sort in my purse.

    I'm also a late adopter of technology. I did finally get a Blackberry b/c the plan my husband got required us both to have a SmartPhone. I think I do about 1/4 of what I can do with it.

  2. I have a baby sock, a pacifier and rice cracker. I also have a ton of trash. This means I have a child and I can never be bothered to find a trashcan!

  3. You've got me wondering about myself. I carry a smaller purse inside of large purse. Then inside of the smaller purse is a waller and a clutch. Am I trying to be prepared for any occassion or what?

  4. I carry hand sanitizer in my purse. Won't leave home without it! Hmmm...what does that say about me?:)

  5. I carry my coupon organizer and all my Reward cards and gift cards just in case I go to S&S,CVS or wherever after work.

  6. Robin, I am surprised. I would have guess you had a whole lot more than that! ;)

  7. Stephanie and Gin, young moms can never have a big enough purse! I remember those days, and I'm happy to have my purse real estate back now! Enjoy the purse clutter. Those days go by too fast!

  8. Kathy, my Coach wristlet was born of the same affliction. I wanted to have a versatile wallet/clutch that I could throw into a work tote, take out to lunch or to after work cocktails.

  9. I carry a plastic Walmart bag with me everywhere I go. You never know when one of the kids may feel like they're sick. Crazy, huh?

  10. Not crazy, Kimberly. Sounds like you have learned from experience!

  11. My phone says the same thing about me!

    Great post!

  12. I've only carried a bag (still can't manage to call it a purse) for about the last year or so. And I'm considering something smaller! The bag I carry is nearly empty, but I do like to have the extra space... just in case!

  13. Oops, by the way, I came over from Positive Kismet!


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