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Stupid Stuff

I try very hard not to do stupid stuff.  Some, my siblings for example, might chalk that up to me trying to be "Little Miss Perfect".  Others might call me risk averse.  I call it prudent time management.  After all, stupid stuff usually ends with some kind of trouble.  At a minimum it can mean I may have to do something over, or clean something up, or get something know what I mean.

Well, lately I've done a couple of stupid stuff things.  I know, it's hard to believe.  But these stupid things weren't all my fault.  No, blame can be shared.

For example there was the incident of the attacking mailbox.  You may want to watch out because you probably have one where you live.  Mine looked like this...

Attacking Mailbox

And my car mirror will never be the same.  It needs to be fixed...someday...sometime...when I get around to it...soon.

The Damaged Car Mirror

Then there is the case of the attacking parking lot ice. 

You remember, the Walmart parking lot incident which resulted in a very flat tire, time lost waiting for roadside service and a $458 repair bill.

This week's stupid stuff involved a double oven in my kitchen with a mind of its own. It somehow turned on the bottom oven at 400 degrees instead of the top oven where potatoes were waiting to be baked.  This would have been fine except the bottom oven was filled with boxes of crackers and cereal and a plastic container of nuts.  I had been to a wholesale club this week.  There was also a plastic case containing my brand new electric knife.

The Double Oven

Notice my use of the word "was".  After much smoke, melting of plastic and one burning box, my bottom oven is now free and clear of all items that had no business being there in the first place.  I have no pictures to share of the smoke, burning box or melted plastic.  I was kind of busy...

Here's The Burned Box

It was really a minor firemen were and doors were thrown open, melted plastic was scraped off the oven, everything from the oven was trashed and clean up took a mere 30 minutes.

Stupid stuff should be avoided at all costs.

No good can come from it. 

All you get is a bunch of wasted time and a huge serving of humble pie.

Humbly yours,


  1. Jeez, yikes, yowie! The part about the lower half of your oven was pretty sobering. My sisters and I used to have a competition wherein we'd confess to each other when we did something stupid and then decide whether the perp would be awarded the coveted Butthead #1 prize. I think you would have won it, sis!
    PS I like your blog, the look, graphics, and voice. I'll stop by again.

  2. It is so refreshing to know that I am not the only one who does stupid things...though I prefer to call them absent-minded things...LOL. Sorry your items melted/burned but glad no firemen were required. Diane

  3. Does my heart good to know that even very smart woman are capable of doing stupid stuff! How brave of you to share:)

  4. @Amy, LOL....
    How could I NOT share? Stupid is and stupid does....


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