Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Closet Essential to Save You Money and Time

As I was getting dressed today I noticed something I have in my closet that I consider an essential in my life.  It wasn't always the case.  This is a relatively new addition to my "make my life easy" tools, but I must say it is one I don't want to do without going forward.  "What is it?" you ask.   It is my garment steamer.

My Garment Steamer
Yes, that strange looking thing you see standing in my closet area is an essential tool that I wouldn't want to be without.  Let me show you some of the reasons why I say that.

I bought myself a pretty "little black dress" for a charity gala we attended recently.  Do you see all those layers of chiffon on the dress?  How would you take care of a dress like that?  Iron it?  I think not.  Send it to the cleaners?  Perhaps.  If you have a steamer you can crank that baby up, and within three minutes be good to go!

Are you a corporate warrior?  Do you wear suits on a regular basis?  A garment steamer is an essential tool to freshen up suits and remove wrinkles set in from sitting at a desk.

Male or female, a steamer is a big money saver if you wear suits frequently.  Have you see what they charge you at a dry cleaner lately?

Oh, you are not a corporate warrior?  Instead you are one of the sweater wearing brigade?

Do your sweaters look like they have been through the wringer when you take them out of your drawer?  Not to worry.  Heat up your steamer and three minutes later you are smooth and presentable. Have I convinced you?  Before you run out and buy a garment steamer here are three key things to consider:
  • You need a place where you can put your steamer so that it is ready to go.  I have the ideal spot in my closet.  If you have to take yours out and put it away every time you need it, you won't use it.  That will make it a waste of your money.
  • You need an electric outlet so you can keep it plugged in.
  • The intial $$$ outlay may seem like a lot, but have you priced dry cleaning lately?  You will make back your initial expense very quickly.
Where can you get one of these?  I got mine at Macy'  Make your life easier with a garment steamer...My life is easier because I own one.


P.S.  In case you are wondering.... I have not been compensated for this product review. I will be compensated with a few cents if you use the link to purchase one of these steamers.

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