Friday, February 25, 2011

Kitchen Essential-a Good, Sharp Knife

What are the most essential tools you have in your kitchen?  There are many tools in my kitchen I wouldn't want to do without, but when I think about the one item I rely on most it would be my favorite knife.  Do you have a knife you always reach for in your kitchen?  Mine is a Henckels Pro S Santoku knife.

This knife is a bit pricey at $79.95 on, or $79.85 at CSN Stores, but the knife's versatility and durability make it well worth the price.  I use it for most cutting tasks, both large and small.  While it is designed for easy cutting of vegetables, I also use it to cut meats.  It cuts through frozen bacon for easy dicing.  Do you need to cut chicken breasts into slices or chunks?  This knife will do the trick.  Do you need to slice fresh mozzarella cheese for a homemade pizza?  The hollowed edges of the knife make slicing cheese an easy task.  Do you need to dice an onion or some celery for soup?  You can easily get uniform diced onion and celery when using this knife.

What do I like about the knife?
1.  It has good weight and is well-balanced. 
2.  It slices, chops and dices.  I don't have to switch knives in preparing a recipe. 
3.  It helps me get prepare foods quickly and efficiently

A great knife is only great as long as it has a sharp edge.  It is essential to keep your knives in top cutting condition.  I rely on an electric knife sharpener to keep my Santoku knife and the other knives in my kitchen in tip top shape.  I've had my knife sharpener for a long time, so the same model is no longer available.  It is  a Chef's Choice, similar to this one.

If you aren't skilled at sharpening knives by hand you'll want to have one of these babies.  At $99.85 at, or $99.95 at CSN Stores, this is not inexpensive.  I consider it more of an insurance policy against cut fingers.  A sharp knife is much safer than a dull knife.   I really like my fingers all in one piece!

What do you consider essential tools in your kitchen?

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  1. I agree,a sharp knife is the most important item in the kitchen!

  2. A sharp kitchen knife is good, but I cannot live without my garlic peeler/cutter, Ninja blender/chopper or my herb scissors.

  3. Robin, you are the kitchen gadget queen I must say! I love to hear about your new best gadgets!!

  4. So, is that a German knife or a Japanese knife? I see Henckels and Santoku. I think there is some sort of competition between German knives and Japanese knives, being that I'm Japanese, I'm partial to Japanese knives, though if the Japanese aren't in contention, I'm very partial to German products.

  5. Wikipedia indicates the Santoku knife is an all-purpose knife that originated in Japan. The one I have happens to be manufactured by Henckels. Here's the Wikipedia link for anyone who may be interested.


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