Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Healthy Living Motivator

Do you need a little motivation to keep you focused on healthy living?  Well, I've got the perfect motivator for you.  Go try on bathing suits.

"Bathing suits, in February?" you ask.  I know, it is rushing the season a bit, but put one of those babies on and you'll be pushing yourself away from the dinner table faster than you can snap your fingers!

Why are we talking about bathing suits in February?  I went to JC Penney the other day because they had sent me two coupons totaling $25 off on any purchase.  They were rewards certificates for prior purchases with a time limit for use.  Do you get rewards certificates?  If not, you'll want to sign up.  You'll get a monthly update telling you how many points you have and if you have earned a rewards certificate.

So, with $25 in rewards burning a hole in my pocket I wandered into JC Penney to see what I could find.  The entrance door was right next to a very colorful swimsuit display and an island blue (don't you love the sound of that color?) swimsuit caught my eye. 

Pretty cute, right?  Well, I tried it on in the harsh reality (and bad lighting) of the dressing room.  Here's what the fit is supposed to be:

Well, we all know I will NOT look like that is the swimsuit, but is is a good design and fabulous color.  It was on sale for $49.99 and with my $25 off it was a steal!  You can check it out at JC Penney if you like.

Now let's get back to healthy living motivation...The time I spent is the dressing room at JC Penney trying on that bathing suit made me acknowledge that perhaps I have been a little lax in living my Four Healthy Living Rules.  The recent search for a favorite brownie recipe didn't help much either!

With rule # 1 being Confront Your Truth, twenty minutes in a dressing room with some bathing suits will certainly do the trick!  So it is time to move more and eat less.  I'll be posting some lighter, healthy recipes to help us all with the eat less challenge.  Good food does not have to pack on the pounds!  Let's hear it for smoothies and salads!  Yeah!

Now I'm off for a four mile walk.  What are you doing to move more?

It's only 14 weeks till Memorial Day!


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  1. No comments from me on bathing suits.....i enjoy my private pool in my back problem for me....


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