Friday, February 18, 2011

The Best Brownie Winner

Today I'm choosing my favorite brownie recipe from three contender recipes posted over the past few weeks, and then I'm going to the gym for three hours to work off all the extra calories I ate while testing. 
The three contender brownie recipes were:
  1. The Intense Chocolate Brownie from Flour Bakery + Cafe  
  2. The Best Fudge Brownie Ever from King Arthur Flour 
  3. The Baked Brownie from Baked bakery 

Each of the brownie recipes produces a delicious brownie.  The key is to find the recipe that best suits your preferences.  For me that means the brownie must be fudgy, not cakey.  It should also have a crisp top and chewy edges. 

You'll find each of these recipes easy to follow.   It helps that the recipes are clearly written, are very specific in their directions and are relatively uncomplicated. 

Let's review the contenders, shall we?

The Intense Chocolate Brownie from Flour Bakery + Cafe

The Intense Chocolate Brownie is a moist, fudgy brownie.  It was less dense than either of the other two brownies. My first reaction when I tasted it about two hours out of the oven was, "Mmmmm, this is very good!"

The Best Fudge Brownie Ever from King Arthur Flour
The Best Fudge Brownie from King Arthur Flour is chocolaty, moist and dense.  It has a crisp, shiny crust that I love.  The key difference between this brownie and the other two is the chocolate chips throughout.

My initial reaction to this brownie when tasted about two hours out of the oven was, "Delicious!  I think this might be the winner."

The Baked Brownie from Baked bakery
The Baked Brownie from the Baked bakery is dense, moist and fudgy with a crisp, shiny crust.  It has a hint of coffee flavor that sets it apart from the others.

My initial reaction to the Baked brownie when tasted about two hours out of the oven was,  "Wow, I think this is the winner!"  Are you seeing a pattern here?

Based on first reaction they were all winners, but this is America and one of them has to be named the favorite.  No whimping out now, Donna.  A side-by-side comparison test was required.  In preparation for decision day, each batch of brownies was cut into squares, individually wrapped and frozen.

I enlisted family and friends for taste testing to have other perspectives beyond my own to share with you.  Here's what friends and family said about each of the brownies:

The Intense Chocolate Brownie from Flour Bakery + Cafe
Intense chocolate flavor
Moist and very good
Damn good brownie
Very rich
Rich, extreme chocolate taste
Nothing special, tasted like store bought

The Best Fudge Brownie Ever from King Arthur Flour
Fudgy, not as chocolaty as the first one.
Don't like the chocolate chips
Moist and chocolaty
Good, but a let down
Love the chocolate chips
Great texture and chocolate chips a great add in

The Baked Brownie from Baked bakery
Like the consistency
Smooth chocolate flavor
Moist & sweet
Sweeter taste
Super moist, too much for me
Good but too mushy
More flavor than the others and very moist.  Like the hint of coffee

The Friends and Family Favorite Brownie Winner
What I learned from the taste test comments is that everyone has very specific reasons for liking one brownie over the other and my criteria may be very different from yours. 

The winner of the friends and family voting was......The Intense Chocolate Brownie! 
The Baked Brownie was the second favorite.

Some Helpful Brownie Baking Tips
Whichever recipe you choose to make, there are some helpful hints to remember when making brownies.
  • Melting the chocolate in the microwave is quick and easy.  Just do it slowly at reduced microwave power and check progress frequently.   You want to melt the chocolate gently. 
  • Whisk the sugar into the chocolate and then heat the mixture again to ensure a crisp, shiny crust on your brownies
  • Don't overbeat your eggs or your brownies will be cakey.
  • A sling made out of parchment paper or aluminum foil will help you to remove the brownies from the pan.
  • Be careful not to overbake your brownies.   They are ready when a toothpick inserted in the center has a few moist crumbs remaining when removed.  Just a minute or two too long can ruin your brownies.

And the Just One Donna Winner Is....

My favorite brownie of the three is....  The Baked Brownie.  I like the deep chocolate flavor, the fudgy consistency and the hint of coffee. 

Try making these recipes for your family and friends and choose your favorite one.  The printable brownie recipes are available from the links at the top of the post. 



  1. We were all so happy to help you out in your search for the best brownie Donna! Yum!!

  2. We were very excited at GI Specialists to be a part of your brownie contest. We really liked # 1 and the group is ready to taste test what ever comes our way. Keep up the good work.....


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