Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter Doldrums Antidote-a Dendrobium Orchid

Winter dreariness got you down?  Too cold and wet for a walk outside?  Is snow piling up on your sidewalk?  I suggest you get yourself a dendrobium orchid plant.
My Dendrobium Orchid
I have lots of plants in my house, most of the green, leafy variety.  But this time of year, the plant that best reminds me winter will pass is my dendrobium orchid.  It's a tropical plant growing in my family room!  Go figure.

I can hear you now.  "An orchid, Donna.  They are so hard to grow!  They require so much care!  I know I would kill it immediately"!  Not so, my friends.  Get thee to your local Home Depot (or even better, your local florist) and buy one of these beauties.  Twenty bucks should do it.

I've had my plant for several years.  It sits in a southern facing window year round.  I water it sparingly once a week, and mist it (when I think of it) during the winter months because it gets so dry in the house.  Once or twice a year I'll give it a drink of  Miracle Grow plant food.

The blooms you see on my plant now will last for weeks and weeks and weeks.  Really.  I kid you not.  This is $20 well spent.  A dendrobium orchid-it's a beautiful thing!


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