Saturday, January 1, 2011

Tiny Bubbles

I'm just a simple girl with simple needs.  Really.  One of those simple needs is bubbles in my water.  I drink lots of water every day.  I bet you do as well.  My water is carbonated.  I don't need fancy, schmancy carbonated water, just plain seltzer of the generic grocery store variety.  If I'm feeling like kicking it up a notch I'll add a squeeze of lemon or lime, but mostly I drink just plain seltzer.  Are you wondering why I'm going on about this?  Well, this Christmas I received the best gift, a Soda Stream Genesis soda maker. 

My Soda Stream Carbonator
This handy dandy unit allows me to carbonate filtered water from my refrigerator whenever needed, ensuring I have fresh bubbly water all the time.  What's better than that? "Nothing," you say?  But wait...Santa brought another handy dandy surprise, silicone ice trays that make perfect, square ice cubes.  Yes, I said, perfect square ice cubes!

My Tovolo Ice Cube Tray

What happens when I pour my freshly carbonated water into a glass filled with my perfectly square ice cubes?

A Simple Glass of Seltzer
Perfection I tell you!  See the bubbles?  See the cubes?  I am happy, happy, happy!

Life is Good. 

You, too, can experience this pleasure.  The Soda Stream is available at many retailers.  Mine came from Macy's.  Click on the Soda Stream link if you want to take a look.  
My ice cube trays came from Sur Le Table, but I found the same Tovolo ice cube trays at  

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  1. We have one of these and is just so fantastic! It's really good plain with a lemon squeezed into it.


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