Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fashionista Alert-Handbag Essential

I get excited! 
When I find a product that I think is terrific I want to tell people about it like I've done here when I told you about my Soda Stream soda maker, my Sony Reader and my Ninja.  

If I can help you spend your hard earned dollars more wisely I feel like I'm doing a good thing. 

Today I'm excited about my new handbag.  It's from Cole Haan and was a gift from hubby.  Nice, huh?

I received another gift from my BFF Robin (Hi Robin!) that makes this new handbag even better.

It's a Pursfection interchangeable purse organizer.  It fits easily into my new handbag and keeps the inside organized.  That makes it easy for me to find my cell phone, my camera, a get the idea. 

Now comes the best part.  When a black bag isn't right for my outfit of the day I can change to my other Cole Haan favorite brown bag in a flash.

The organizer lifts right out of one handbag and fits right into the other.  Easy, peasy, one, two, three!
Click the link to find the Pursefection organizer.

It's a beautiful thing!

If you are interested in Cole Haan check out the website.  They are having a 40% off sale now. 

Happy shopping my fashionista friends!

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  1. I love handbags. I buy expensive classics so I can use them forever.


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